1Adrien Guenego,1Boris Lubicz, 1Boris Lubicz

1Erasme Hospital


Stent or balloon anchor technique has been emphasized in obtaining distal purchase to allow straightening of catheter loops, stabilize microcatheters in giant aneurysms or to access distal tortuous anatomy in thrombectomy.

Material(s) and Method(s):

Because of tortuosity and length, it is sometimes impossible to even reach a potential target with a microcatheter in thrombectomy, precluding the distal unsheathing of classical auto-expandable stentretrievers to perform the anchor technique.


We therefor developed the so called Anch’Or Harpoon Technique using a manually expandable stentretriever, the Tigertriever 13 (Rapid Medical, Yoqneam, Israel), in which the stentretriever is advanced outside of the microcatheter while remaining closed: either in case of tortuosity, where the Tigertriever 13 is opened distally to the microcatheter to establish a stable anchor prior to advancing the guiding and intermediate catheters as well as the microcatheter (anchor technique), either in case of length issue in distal occlusions where the Tigertriever 13 and its distal tip are used to cross the clot, then opened through the clot and retrieved (harpoon technique) to obtain a complete recanalization.


The anchor and the harpoon technique seem feasible with a new generation of manually expandable stentretrievers.