1Grzegorz Marek Karwacki, 1Justus Roos,1Justus Roos, 1Alexander von Hessling

1Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine


Smart angiography suites (SAS) refer to the incorporation of audio-video technology and internet connectivity into the angiography suite to enable bi-directional communication for teleproctoring. Remote streaming support (RESS) is intended to increase patient safety by supporting interventionalists with limited experience or who are practicing in geographically remote areas. The aim of this presentation is to describe the real-life experience of this system and to share practical tips considering its use and setup.

Material(s) and Method(s):

We describe the platform itself as well as its optimal placement, settings and integration in our angiography suite. We provide technical tips intended to help new and potential users in achieving an optimal experience for both neurointerventionalists and proctors. We describe both elective cases that we have performed with teleproctoring and emergencies where this system proved to be crucial during the treatment allowing for communication with a more experienced physician. Lastly, we describe a different room setup and software solutions used in live workshops.


Use of teleproctoring enabled involvement of proctors in cases where an already experienced interventionalist needed support in decision making process considering the sizing and deployment of devices which he was familiar with only on basic level. Excellent video feed quality and instant communication enabled for optimal preparation and in vivo implantation of those devices without the need of physical proctors’ presence. In emergency cases the system allowed a senior physician for support during cases where optimal device sizing is critical. Our usage concept of the rig allowed for monitoring of thrombectomy cases by junior physicians. During webinars remote streaming platform enabled us to conduct workshops simulating an “on-site” experience as closely as possible during COVID19 pandemic.


Remote streaming support system is a modern teleproctoring technology and a key element of a smart angiography suite.