1Dr Maniah Rajput,1Dr Mukesh Kalla, 1Dr Mukesh Kalla, 1Dr Pankaj Shrimal

1SR kalla Hospital


Esophagorespiratory fistula (ERF) is an uncommon condition. Benign ERF is rare and may be due to Koch’s disease, trauma or infection. However, there have been few reports describing benign ERF and its treatments. Here we report a case of nonmalignant esophagopleural fistula successfully treated by vascular plug after complete filling of fistulous tract by bone cement and plug by NBCA.

Material(s) and Method(s):

Vascular Plug insertion and bone cement injection was considered as the first treatment due to the large chronic fistulous tract and. Bone Cement injection given by 12 Fr long sheath and through ICDT insertion site. A 24-mm diameter vascular plug (LifeTech, USA) was deployed under direct fluoroscopic vision


A repeat endoscopic and radiologic study demonstrated no extravasations. The patient remained asymptomatic at the subsequent follow-up 6 months after the Plug Deployment.


Vascular plug alone can not stay at its place due to epithelization of the fistulous tract and dislodges from its site as in our case.

The pleural / Pulmonary site needs to close fully and permanently by any mean and primary pathology needs to treat vigorously.