4Afnan Hammad Alshammari,3Noura Hamad Alshurtan, 4Noura Hamad Alshurtan, 1Amirah Fahad Alshammeri

1College of Medicine, Hail University, Saudi Arabia, 2College of Medicine, Hail University, Saudi Arabia, 3Medical Imaging Department, Division of Vascular Interventional, 4College of Medicine, Hail University, Saudi Arabia


Objectives Diabetic foot disease is a common and serious complication of diabetes that represents a major global health concern with high mortality and morbidity rates. Successful revascularization and improved perfusion have had fundamental roles in reducing the rate of amputation in diabetic foot patients over the last decade. Creating public awareness plays a key role in early treatment and prevention of amputation. The aim of this study was to determine if people are aware of endovascular revascularization as a therapeutic option for diabetes-related peripheral artery disease.

Material(s) and Method(s):

The study is a community-based observational descriptive cross-sectional study that was conducted to assess Saudi population knowledge and awareness about endovascular revascularization as a treatment option of diabetic foot disease through interventional radiology. The self-administered online survey was randomly distributed with a maximum of 20 multiple choice questions through social media channels.


Endovascular revascularization as a treatment of diabetes-related peripheral artery disease through interventional radiology was unknown to 90.2% of the participants. Awareness has been influenced by many factors including age, occupa- tion, and family history.


This study highlights the importance of raising public awareness about endovascular revascularization as a treatment option for diabetes-related peripheral arterial disease in suitable patients.