1Ahmed Attia A. Hassan,1Mohamed Farouk Elsherief, 1Mohamed Farouk Elsherief, 1Mohamed Adel Denewar

1Mansoura Faculty of Medicine


Assessment of technical outcome during intervention set for treatment of giant cerebral aneurysm. Monitoring clinical and anatomical out come of the treated patients

Material(s) and Method(s):

Prospective cross sectional study, Clinical and radiological assessment by CT angio/ MRI and DSA, Inclusion criteria involving referred patients with giant cerebral aneurysm at Mansoura university hospital

Exclusion criteria for patients unfit for anesthesia and contrast media

Transfemoral  guiding catheter  and microcatheter set reaching target aneurysm

Coiling and or stent could be deployed

Follow up post operative DSA soon and after 6 months


9 patients with giant cerebral aneurysm excluding 3 patients, 2 before DSA having chronic renal disease

Case after DSA having carotid tortousity with failed distal navigation

6 cases having therapeutic procedure 3 cases flow diverter

2 cases stent assisted coiling 1 case coiling 

Complete occlusion at 3 cases

Partial occlusion at 3 cases


Giant cerebral aneurysm having special technical and clinical out come with effective therapeutic results with different neurointervention procedures.