1Mohammed Khidir Tayfor

1Tayfor vascular & Stroke Centre


To highlight the effectiveness and excellent out come of trans catheter Thrombolysis in treatment of acute and sub acute upper limb Ischaemia

Material(s) and Method(s):

Thrombolysis is well known method to treat and to resolved clots. Here in our centre we have series of cases presented with acute and sub acute upper limb Ischaemia treated with transcatheter thrombolysis with excellent outcome and short hospital staying …In well equipped interventional suits , angiogram done first to localize the site of the clots, followed by fixation of the multi side holes catheter in the clots for infusion of the magic TPA

After that control angiogram performed to the the result.


All cases presented to our IR suit after clinical evaluation and then  treated with transcatheter  Thrombolysis we find that most of them showed total or near total lysis of the clots. No groin or systemic complications reported. Less than 24 hrs hospital admissions registered


Transcatheter Thrombolysis as a treatment of upper limb Ischaemia is very effective method of treatment and better to be the first line of treatment before surgical embolectomy