1Mohammed Adel Elhawary,1Ahmed Attia, 1Mohamed Shahbour

1Mansoura University Hospital


Highlighting the role of trans-arterial embolization of uterine AVM as a uterine preserving procedure especially in childbearing period.

Material(s) and Method(s):

Diagnosis of uterine AVM by doppler study, CT angiography and some time DSA. Embolization of the AVM nidus with Histoacryl, onyx, coils, beads or even lipidol. Evaluation of technical success by post embolization angiogram and short term doppler. Evaluation of clinical success by disappearance of bleeding.


Our retrospective study over the last 5 years included 6 cases, one congenital and 5 acquired. 4 of them were supplied only by uterine arteries, two of them had sharing blood supply from left ovarian artery. Technical and clinical success were obtained in all cases. All cases used histoacryl with onyx in two cases.


Trans arterial embolization is supposed to be  the first choice in treatment of uterine AVM especially  in women at reproductive period having expectation of future fertility