1Yasser magdy Hamed elsayed,1Abdel Rahman mohamed ahmed, 1Abdel Rahman mohamed ahmed, 1Mohamed ismail Mohamed

1Ain Shams University


To compare the secondary patency after patch venoplasty and balloon venoplasty in management of neointimal hyperplasia of the venous anastomosis of arterio-venous graft for dialysis.

Material(s) and Method(s):

This is a double armed randomized prospective study that was carried out at Ain Shams University hospitals for 2 years. Twenty patients with thrombosed synthetic AV graft were enrolled in this study. The first group (10 patients) was treated with patch venoplasty and the second group (10 patients) with balloon venoplasty adjunctive after surgical thrombectomy.


Graft patency at 6 and 12-month follow up was 90%, 70% for the balloon angioplasty group vs 60% and 40% for the surgical patch venoplasty group (p-value: 0.3 and 0.37 respectively).


In the present study, the outcome of balloon venoplasty was better than and patch venoplasty for thrombosed AV grafts. In addition to better graft patency, balloon venoplasty offers the advantage of shorter operative time, and lower morbidity. Further studies with large sample size and multicentric cooperation are required to confirm the present findings.