1Umair Rashid

1Lahore General Hospital


Pial arteriovenous fistula (AVF) are not very common vascular lesions, which supplied by  arterial feeders draining directly into the venous channel or venous pouches without nidus of brain AVM. The angio architecture, clinical course and therapeutic options are all different from arteriovenous malformation (AVM), dural AVM or other intracranial vascular lesions.

Material(s) and Method(s):

In our study, we describe cases of pial AVF in the adolescent as well as in pediatric age group treated successfully with endovascular methods.


The treatment was successful with good clinical outcome and much improvement in patients symptoms as well. We did not encounter any peri-procedural complication. Pial AVF is a rare vascular abnormality with high degree of suspicion so to make the early diagnosis it required adequate imaging knowledge.


Treatment of pial AVF should be done as early as possible to prevent devastating complications that can occur during the natural course of the disease.