1Abdulaziz Al Mulhim,1Salman Refat, 1Salman Refat

1Ministry of Health (KSA)


Percutaneous balloon dilatation of the cervix in cases of stenosis or occlusion and percutaneous drainage of endometrial collection is a minimally invasive, safe procedure that can be offered as an alternate option and can open the door for further interventions.

Material(s) and Method(s):

While percutaneous drainage has mostly replaced surgical and medical interventions, in this case it was paired with a percutaneous  cervical balloon dilation to remove the fluid buildup through a natural route outside the body and flipping the drainage access to a trans-vaginal one after cervix dilatation and removal of the percutaneous access.


Patients’ clinical complaints, such as dysuria and abdominal pain, as well as radiological imaging, have improved significantly after pairing balloon dilatation with percutaneous drainage.


Percuatenous endometrial collection drainage and balloon dilatation of cevix stenosis is a safe and effective method in treating pyometra.