1Junaid Iqbal

1Aga Khan University Hospital


Juvenile nasal angiofibroma (JNA) is highly vascular tumor of nasopharynx. Endovascular embolization followed by surgery is the treatment of choice. The aim of this study was to determine that single catheter technique with gelfoam is an effective and safe technique for embolization to reduce the financial burden on patients in third world country.

Material(s) and Method(s):

We retrospectively reviewed the imaging, surgical and histopathological records of 108 patients that underwent pre-operative endovascular tumor embolization followed by surgical resection between March 2017 and March 2021.


Postembolization no major complication was observed in any patient. Complete devascularization of tumor was done in 87.8 %. Intraoperative blood loss resulting in transfusion were almost same as with other embolization technique.


Preoperative embolization of juvenile nasal angiofibroma by using gelfoam and single catheter technique appeared to be safe and effective devascularization method to reduce peroperative blood loss and operating time. By this technique we significantly reduced the financial burden on patients as we are living in third world country with financial constraints. By avoiding microcatheter and permanent embolic agent we reduced the cost of the procedure upto 80% with good peroperative devascularization without significant complications. However selection of patients for single catheter technique for embolization during initial diagnostic angiogram is very important to avoid serious neurological complications.