1,2Mohamed Elmahdy

1Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, 2King Hamad University Hospital


The decision of re-perfusion therapy in Acute Cerebrovascular stroke is One of the major advances in the time management for Stroke Telestroke and Artificial Intelligence in Stroke Imaging. 

In the eastern province in Saudi Arabia there are 2 comprehensive Stroke programs First one is public University Hospital and second is a private facility 6 Hospitals Group, 4 of them in the eastern Province serving 2.5 million population

Material(s) and Method(s):

We Included 129 Patients in Our Current facility offers 24/ 7 comprehensive stroke service  Equipped with two cathlabs and 6 neurologists in the Hub and the other Group Hospitals have one Hospital to two neurologists in the 4 eastern Province Branches


Now the Hospital is implementing the RAPID AI system as 1 Hub and 3 Spokes which provide a rapid Neurology and Radiology urgent consultation  for 129 patients as well as improve the reperfusion decision and time nevertheless Compensates for the low number of stroke physicians in the other Facility


Telestroke and Artificial intelligence are cornerstones in the setup of regional stroke program